"We will extend our recommendations until April 30 to slow the spread," said President Donald Trump, saying that the death toll from coronavirus will "probably" peak in two weeks. More than 139,000 Covid-19 positive cases have been officially reported to date in the United States, a record worldwide.

Donald Trump estimated Sunday that coronavirus mortality in the United States would "probably" peak in two weeks, while extending recommendations for social distancing until April 30. According to the estimates of Doctor Anthony Fauci, adviser to the American president on the pandemic, COVID-19 could make "between 100,000 and 200,000" dead within the first world power.

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The federated states, particularly those most affected by the pandemic, have simultaneously taken restrictive measures, such as the closure of schools and public places such as restaurants. Some governors have also asked their constituents to stay at home as much as possible. According to Johns Hopkins University, the count of which references, more than 139,000 Covid-19 positive cases have been officially reported so far in the United States, a record worldwide. The total number of deaths rose Sunday evening to 2,436.

A real-time map to see the evolution of the coronavirus

Developed by researchers at the Johns-Hopkins University in the United States, a map lists all the confirmed cases of Covid-19 around the world, as well as those suspected, in real time. But it is also accompanied by several counters which provide information on the number of victims ... and people healed.

"No State will be spared"

A Donald Trump advisor on the coronavirus, Dr. Deborah Birx, warned that the whole country should prepare for the worst. "No state, no metropolis will be spared," she insisted on the NBC channel. New York State, which Donald Trump had planned to quarantine on Saturday before finally giving it up, alone accounts for almost half of the cases officially declared in the United States. Its governor Andrew Cuomo communicated on Sunday a new assessment of nearly 60,000 cases and 965 deaths. But other "hot spots" appear across the country, including neighboring New Jersey, Florida, Louisiana or the cities of Detroit and Chicago in the north of the country.


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"Where are the masks going?"

The leaders of these most affected states worried on Sunday about a lack of equipment in hospitals to cope with the influx of patients, including artificial respirators. During his long press conference, at times very disjointed, Donald Trump also suggested that certain materials, crucial for the treatment of patients with coronavirus, were suspiciously disappearing from American hospitals. "Where are the masks going? Do they leave through a back door?" He asked himself, without providing any specific or concrete elements which would lend credence to the idea of ​​theft.