• Administrative Hungary, the opposition wins in Budapest
  • Administrative in Hungary, Orban's candidate defeated in Budapest


March 30, 2020Hungarian Parliament voted full powers for Prime Minister Viktor Orban to fight coronavirus. Under the terms of the law, Orban, without time limitation, can govern on the basis of decrees, close Parliament, change or suspend existing laws and has the right to block elections. It is up to him to determine when the state of emergency will end. In addition, anyone who releases "fake news" will face 1 to 5 years in prison.

The deputies of Fidesz and some of the far right voted in favor. The law passed with 138 votes in favor against 53 against. The opposition tried to have a 90-day time limit inserted into the text, guaranteeing its support in return, but Orban refused.

In Hungary only 447 have been certified so far infected with coronavirus, 15 is the number of victims. However, the actual data could be higher, even 15 times more. Health services make very few swabs: just over 13,000 have been made since the outbreak. Hospitals lack protective suits, gloves and masks, and there are only 2,560 breathing apparatus across the country.

Hungarian Socialists, Orban's dictatorship begins today
"Today begins the dictatorship without mask of Orban". This was stated by the leader of the Hungarian socialists Bertalan Toth, commenting on the law approved by the Hungarian parliament that gives full time powers to Premier Viktor Orban to fight the coronavirus. Even the president of the nationalist party Jobbik spoke of a "coup", stating that the current situation does not justify the state of emergency at all as it is configured in the law.

Orban, the opposition is on the side of the virus
"The opposition is on the side of the virus." With this statement, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban replied to the accusations of the Socialists and the Jobbik party, who attacked the measure approved by the Hungarian Parliament which gave the Prime Minister full-time unlimited powers to fight the coronavirus. For the socialists, "Orban's dictatorship begins today", while Jobbik's nationalists denounced a "coup".