Zoom, a program that provides remote conference broadcasting, has stopped providing Facebook with user data after Motherboard Technical's report on the matter.

On Friday, ZOOM released an update to its iOS system, in which it stopped sending some data to Facebook. This step comes after Motherboard Technical website publishes information stating that the application sent information about the user's time to open the application, time zone, city, and device details to Facebook.

The report found that the privacy policy on Zoom does not clearly indicate sharing information with Facebook.

A company statement sent to Motherboard said that Zoom "takes the privacy of its users very seriously. We recently provided the feature of logging in with Facebook to users using the software development kit available from Facebook in order to provide users with another convenient way to access our platform. But we recently learned These software tools were collecting unnecessary device data. "

SDK, a software development kit, is a set of code that developers often use to help program specific features in their own app. Using these tools can also send certain data to external parties.

Zoom's statement stated that the data collected by the SDK Facebook tools did not include any personal information about the user, but rather included data on users ’devices such as the type and version of the operating system, the device time zone, device operating system, device model, screen size, processor, and space Storage disk.

"We will remove Facebook software tools and redevelop the feature so that users can still log in with Facebook through their browser. Users will need to update to the latest version of our application as soon as it becomes available for these changes to take place, and we encourage them to do so. We sincerely apologize," he concluded the company statement. This defect, and we remain strongly committed to protecting our users ’data.”

The IOS systems researcher and privacy expert Will Stravac confirmed the results of Motherboard that Zoom Zoom had sent the data to Facebook.

The number of Zoom users has increased significantly due to the presence of many workers around the world who do their work from home due to the Corona pandemic.