The Israeli government said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his staff are subjecting themselves to quarantine until the results of the corona tests are confirmed, after his counselor for religious affairs, Rebecca Baloch, is confirmed to be infected with the virus.

A statement issued by Netanyahu's office stated that "although the epidemiological investigation of his possible infection with the Corona virus has not ended, the Prime Minister decided that he and his advisers will enter the quarantine until the investigation is completed."

"The Ministry of Health will set a date with his personal doctor to end the quarantine, according to the results of the tests," the statement added.

This situation represents a change from a previous position, in which Netanyahu's office announced that the latter will not be subject to quarantine.

The tests confirmed that the Netanyahu religious adviser was infected with the new Corona virus. "We will take action according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health," an official said on Monday, while announcing Rebecca was infected with a virus. Israeli media described the health advisor's condition as good.

Israeli media reported that the chancellor was in a parliamentary session last week attended by Netanyahu and members of the opposition trying to form a coalition government with them to help face the Corona crisis.

In general, the Ministry of Health requires all those who have been in contact with a person who has been confirmed to be close to self-isolation for a period of 14 days and the possibility of a corona examination.

The 12th Israeli news channel said today, Monday, that Netanyahu will enter the quarantine for a week, after confirming that his counselor was infected with the virus, after it was confirmed that her husband was infected.

The channel pointed out that Netanyahu will later undergo a virus test, and indicated that Baloch had met Netanyahu and a number of ministers in recent days.

Two weeks ago, Netanyahu had tested the Corona virus, and had a negative result.

This comes in conjunction with the increase in the number of people infected with the Coronavirus in Israel to 4,347, after the announcement of the injury of 100 Israelis today, while yesterday, Sunday, the death toll was raised to 16.

In total, the virus has infected nearly 718,000 people in 199 countries and territories, over 33,000 of whom have died, while more than 150,000 have recovered.

Italy leads the world in corona deaths, followed by Spain, but Italy is second only to the United States in the total number of injuries.