Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services has launched the first self-sterilization corridor to prevent and protect paramedics and those who come in contact with them from co-workers or families from exposure to various germs and viruses, including the new Corona virus, which can be stuck to their clothes through their field work, as paramedics are among the people most in contact with patients or suspected of being infected. With this virus.

This comes in the context of strengthening precautionary efforts and preventive measures to protect medical personnel, the first line of defense for the health and safety of society.

For his part, the Executive Director of the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services Khalifa Al-Drai said that the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to preserve the safety of society and protect health workers, including doctors, nurses, paramedics, administrators and technicians, to continue their role. The heroic response to this virus, prompted us to think about developing a path for self-sterilization in an innovative way applied for the first time in the country, through which we provide a mechanism for sterilizing the paramedics' clothes and their shoes as soon as they finish the field work, as a double precautionary measure that protects paramedics crews and gives them peace of mind for Their work is connected securely, and this corridor was developed in cooperation with the company "Sevcoglobal".

Al-Deray stressed that Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, through its daily work and dealings in the field, is constantly working to develop new ideas that meet the needs of field work, and is looking with its partners on how to implement them in practice in order to save time and effort and achieve its strategic goals, pointing out that the path of self-sterilization is one of these innovations The Foundation is currently applying it as an experiment and study, and it will evaluate its actual results on the ground in preparation for its circulation.

The self-sterilization corridor was placed in front of the entrance to the happiness housing for the Foundation's field crews, in addition to other precautionary measures followed in the institution, including a thermal camera for everyone who enters the building.

For his part, General Manager of “Safkoglobal” Hadi Al-Khatib said: “Our desire to serve the community and contribute to supporting the efforts of national institutions in limiting the spread of the new Corona virus, we have paid for cooperation with the Dubai Ambulance Services Corporation in the implementation of this project in record time, where we transformed the idea Into reality within 24 hours. "

Al-Khatib added: "The corridor works to spray a sterile medical material spray through sprinklers installed in various directions and sterilizes the individual's clothes in a short period not to exceed 20 seconds. The corridor also contains sensors that sense movement, and operate the sprinklers and lights of the sterilization corridor in the event that one of the paramedics passes from During it, in order to rationalize consumption and preserve the environment, the autoclave pass also contains a hand sanitizer where the presence of germs is concentrated through direct interaction with different surfaces. "