President Moon Jae-in held a third emergency economic meeting at the Blue House in the morning today (30th) and decided to pay 1 million won of emergency disaster assistance per household for four households for the 70% of the households with low income.

President Moon explained, "Emergency disaster relief funds are more important than anything else." We plan to quickly submit a second supplementary plan and have it processed by the National Assembly in April immediately after the general election. "

In addition, he emphasized, "We will prepare most of our financial resources through government budget restructuring in order to accumulate financial reserves and quickly agree between the opposition parties."

President Moon, who said that it was not an easy decision given the financial burden, said, “I felt that I needed comfort and support for the people who came together to overcome the Corona 19 crisis.”

At the same time, it said that it has made a decision to defer payment of four major insurance premiums, electricity bills, or cut taxes for low-income families and small and medium-sized businesses, small businesses, and self-employed persons.

Deferred payment and reduction measures will be applied from March.

In addition, he added that he has greatly expanded the employment maintenance support fund and expanded various livelihood support measures for the vulnerable.

(Photo = Yonhap News)