In Iran, life-threatening losses from methanol poisoning have not stopped.

This is because false rumors that corona19 can be prevented and treated with alcohol have spread through social media.

To date, more than 2,800 people have been victimized by methanol poisoning, and 480 have been killed.

In Iran, where alcohol sales and distribution were strictly prohibited, some business owners cheated and sold industrial methanol as edible.

[Josein Hasanian / Iranian Health Ministry Consultant: It is illegal to sell alcohol in Iran. Still, people go to the black market and buy alcohol and drink it.]

In some regions, methanol poisoning deaths were higher than those from Corona19.

In Tehran, it is known that more and more people make and sell smuggling.

Cumulative deaths from Corona19 in Iran are more than 2,600, and confirmed cases are 38,000.

The number of deaths per day peaked at 150, and the number of deaths per day has been declining slightly in recent days.

Iran is also launching a political offensive against the United States, where the number of fatalities and deafness is rapidly increasing.

Iran also made a counter proposal that "the United States said it would help Iran, but it could help the American people in crisis."