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The head of the Government of Hesse, Volker Bouffier, hinted today that the "pressure" for the coronavirus crisis could be one of the factors in the possible suicide of the head of Finance of that German federal state, Thomas Schäfer, of the conservative CDU

"I must start from the base that these concerns pressured him , " Bouffier said in a video message after the death of Schäfer, whose body was discovered last night next to some train tracks.

In his opinion, the "enormous expectations of the population" with the regional government in this crisis must have overloaded the conservative politician, who had spent days exclusively dedicated to fighting the crisis generated by the Covid-19 in Hesse.

"Precisely he would have been needed in these difficult times , " added Bouffier, who stressed to Schäfer his "extraordinary personality", his "prudence and energy".

The head of the Hesse regional executive said he was "shocked, stunned and infinitely sad" by the death of Schäfer, whose name had sometimes sounded like a possible successor to Bouffier.

Schäfer, 54 years old, married with two children, has been in charge of Finance for Hesse since 2010, after spending the previous five years as Secretary of State for this same portfolio.

The ongoing police investigation is based on the fact that Schäfer committed suicide, according to German media.

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