A report issued by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa stated that two or three weeks separate the African continent from the worst stage of the emerging Corona virus storm, and indicated that the countries of the continent need an emergency economic stimulus plan worth $ 100 billion to strengthen preventive measures and support health systems The fragile continent.

Yesterday, Bloomberg News quoted the Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission, Vera Songoy, as saying that about half of this money could come from dropping interest payments to multinationals, noting that this would give countries the flexibility to impose social separation measures and expand networks Social safety, and equipping hospitals before the expected increase in injuries.

Commission data indicate that a lack of resources and medical teams means that the authorities must act quickly to limit the spread of the disease on a continent whose hospitals provide an average of 1.8 beds per 1,000 people.

In addition, the American analyst, Andrew Brown, warned in the journal "Turning Points" issued by the agency "Bloomberg" that the communications revolution that made the world very tangled and interconnected could not make it safe, health, climate or even economic without close cooperation. Among its two largest economies, the American and Chinese, he stressed that the next wave of the Corona virus threatens poor countries, and he stressed that cooperation is the way to survival.

An American analyst: The next wave of "Corona" threatens poor countries ... and cooperation is a way of survival