There is a hidden danger in express alcohol

The newspaper (Reporter Lu Zhijian correspondent Fan Weiyi Pan Zhumei) "Hello, where does the alcohol ship from?" "Dear, hello, we are factory direct sales!" "Which delivery?" Tong, Best Huitong! "

This conversation comes from the prosecutor of the Haizhou District Procuratorate of Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, and the alcohol seller of Taobao not long ago. The dialogue originated from a case-by-case analysis performed by the court on cases involving the transportation of flammable and explosive materials through mailing channels.

During the epidemic prevention and control, the demand for medical disinfectant alcohol increased in a blowout manner. Procuratorial authorities found that most sellers deliver goods by express delivery, and medical disinfectant alcohol is flammable and explosive dangerous goods. In the storage, transportation, and management, if there is no professional safety measures, once there is an open flame, there is greater safety Hidden danger.

In addition to medical alcohol, is it possible to transport other flammable and explosive items by express delivery? The Procuratorate of Haizhou District immediately conducted a case-by-case analysis of related criminal cases handled in recent years, and discovered a hidden delivery danger in an illegal sale of explosives case. In 2017, Wang's residence in Haizhou District purchased 250 kilograms of "single base powder" through WeChat for 32,000 yuan. Since then, Wang has sold "single base powder" to others via WeChat and shipped it by courier. In September of the same year, the public security organs seized 4 bags of "single base powder" suspected of explosives at Wang's residence, weighing more than 53 kilograms. "Single base powder" is widely used in the production of fireworks and other types of civilian explosive products. It was identified that the 4 bags of "single base powder" all contained nitrocellulose, which was explosive and explosive. After prosecution by the Haizhou District Procuratorate, Wang was sentenced to three years in prison and four years in probation for the crime of illegally selling explosives.

In order to stop the security supervision loopholes of the delivery channels and avoid safety accidents during the transportation of similar flammable and explosive materials, on March 19 this year, the two-level procuratorates of Lianyungang City and Haizhou District served the Lianyungang Post Office before the complaint The procuratorial recommendations suggested that the postal department should strengthen the supervision of the express delivery industry, strictly implement the inspection system for receiving documents, strengthen industry education and training and safety production publicity, investigate and deal with illegal and illegal express delivery companies that deliver flammable and explosive items, and fully fulfill the express delivery industry. Supervisory functions.

After receiving the procuratorial recommendations, the Lianyungang Post Bureau attached great importance to it. The relevant person in charge stated that they would strictly implement the requirements of the procuratorial recommendations and rectify them in a timely manner. Prevent and control the delivery security risks at the source.