Two cruise ships off the coast of Panama confirmed infection Two more than 100 new coronas March 28 13:29

More than 100 passengers and crew complain of fever and cough on a US cruise ship off the coast of Panama in Central America, killing four elderly people and killing two more passengers with the new coronavirus. It is clear that the virus is infected, and operating companies are responding.

The statement was made public by a statement issued by the Holland America Line, a cruise ship operator based in Seattle, Washington, in the western United States, on Tuesday.

The cruise ship is a "Zandam" with 1,243 passengers and 586 crew members. It was scheduled to leave Argentina, South America on 7th of this month and arrive in Chile on 21st, but complains of cold while sailing. A large number of passengers and crew were denied entry to Chile.

For this reason, Zandam was sailing off Panama for Florida in the United States, but when the operator dispatched another cruise ship to investigate, two passengers found that the new coronavirus was on Tuesday. Was confirmed to be infected.

In Zandam, 53 other passengers and 85 crew members also complain of fever and cough, of which four elderly people died, and those who died became infected with the new coronavirus. It was not disclosed whether they had been.

The operator wants to transfer those with symptoms to Florida for their arrival on the 30th of this month, if they get permission from the Panama government to cross the canal.