A gendarmerie check during confinement, here in La Réunion (illustration). - VALERIE KOCH / SIPA

A young man, arrested Tuesday during a control for non-compliance with confinement in Beauvais, on the fringes of which a policewoman was injured in the head by another person, was sentenced to ten months in prison suspended, a we learned Saturday from concordant sources. Tried on Friday in immediate appearance, this 22-year-old construction worker in the construction industry was found guilty of willful violence - resulting in total incapacity for work of less than eight days - on persons responsible for public authority, contempt, death threats and rebellion, said the Beauvais prosecution and the young man's lawyer, Me Benoît Varin.

He is not convicted for the brick throw that injured a 23-year-old security assistant. The sentence was "accompanied by a probationary stay with the obligation to perform 105 hours of community service within eighteen months," said the prosecutor of the Republic of Beauvais, Florent Boura. Late Tuesday afternoon, a police patrol had checked for breach of confinement a group of people on the public highway in a suburban neighborhood, which is not considered sensitive by the authorities.

Without background

According to the account of the defendant, never convicted before, he was with three friends near his home on a lawn near a soccer field, to celebrate a birthday, when they were controlled. In the absence of an identity card and exit certificate, he was arrested and rebelled. According to Mr. Varin, the young people of the neighborhood would have "reacted", his brother, informed, would then have left his house and things would have degenerated. He was also arrested in a “muscular” manner, and, in circumstances to be determined, a 23-year-old security assistant was seriously injured when receiving a brick in the forehead.

The youngest brother, 17, was released from police custody on Thursday and will be summoned before a children's judge. The investigation is continuing to try to find the person or persons who allegedly threw the brick.


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