The new crown pneumonia epidemic has spread worldwide. What happened to the overseas Chinese in various countries? China Overseas Chinese Network (ID: qiaowangzhongguo) has specially released a series of manuscripts of "Remaining Overseas", which tells the story of the "war epidemic" of the overseas Chinese. In this issue, Wang Yining tells us the story of left-behind Chinese in Italy.

On March 18th, Italian local time, a group of Zhejiang merchants in Milan and I waited in the hotel for the arrival of their loved ones. On the same day, the second group of Chinese anti-epidemic medical experts arrived in Milan. They wanted to go to the airport to meet the expert team. After communication, they decided to meet at the hotel.

Under the epidemic situation, when they met in a foreign country, they could not even see the faces under the masks. Even so, I was still very excited. These experts are all from our Zhejiang Province. I am very proud, and feel relieved to see them. This should be the most exciting time since the outbreak in Italy.

The picture shows the second batch of Chinese anti-epidemic medical experts team arrived in Italy. Photo courtesy

I have lived in Italy for more than 30 years. From working alone to moving my family to Milan, I have my own trading company. I have encountered many storms in the middle, but this new pneumonia epidemic has made the majority The overseas Chinese feel the fear. In the early days of the outbreak, the Italian public's awareness of protection was not strong, leaving the minds of the Chinese concerned about how to respond to the outbreak.

The picture shows the second batch of luggage carried by China's anti-epidemic medical expert group to Italy. Photo courtesy

Recently, Italy has become a “heavy-hit area” in Europe, and the situation is getting worse. I can hear ambulances passing by every day. A Chinese friend around me asked me if I wanted to go back to China, and my answers were: "Italy is already my other hometown, and I want to stick here. As the executive vice president and financial director of the Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Milan, I I feel that staying in Italy is more of a persistence and a social responsibility. I still have a lot to do in Italy. "

The picture shows a group photo of the respondent (second from right) and a Chinese anti-epidemic medical expert. Photo courtesy

The virus does make people scared, and we all get scared. But the journey home is long and there is a great risk of infection. Isolate my home at home. We have spent this difficult time with the Italians. Our presence can really give the Italians some confidence.

When the outbreak in China was just beginning in 2020, the Chinese Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Milan, where I live, made donations through WeChat groups as soon as possible, actively running for the motherland, collecting medical supplies, and donating to Wuhan in the first batch. 200,000 masks and 7,500 pieces of protective clothing. Now our local overseas Chinese have started to raise funds, organize the procurement of materials and provide donations to hospitals in Milan. Our Milan Overseas Chinese Mission has donated masks and disinfection water and other materials to local hospitals and police stations.

The picture shows the anti-epidemic materials of Zhejiang Chi Aid to Italians. Photo courtesy

Nowadays, not only Chinese people have gap masks, but Italians are also lacking. We have voluntarily organized activities to give masks to local people. In front of the Milan Cathedral, we gave free masks to Italians passing by without masks. Some concerned Chinese also acted, giving masks to local residents and police for free. They packed the masks in envelopes and delivered them to the mailboxes door to door. These charitable actions have received warm hearted feedback from local Italians. Some Italian residents wrote "XieXie" in Chinese Pinyin, and others wrote "You should be proud of being born in China."

The picture shows the overseas Chinese in Italy waiting in line to receive a mask. Photo courtesy

In order to help the overseas Chinese in need, although our own company has been closed, the work of the Milan Chinese Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry has never stopped. In March, we received a batch of anti-epidemic materials donated by the Overseas Chinese Federation of Zhejiang Province. We sorted out the statistical materials overnight and distributed them to the overseas Chinese in need after the statistics were collected.

The picture shows the overseas Chinese in Italy with a passport free of charge. Photo courtesy

Recently, the Zhejiang Medical Team has also been welcomed. They not only brought a large amount of medical supplies, but also a large number of Chinese patent medicines for treatment. List of patients with chronic diseases and suspected patients, and issue them proprietary Chinese medicines one by one.

From "Chinese virus" to "We must thank China now", I have seen a huge change in the attitude of ordinary Italians towards Chinese and Chinese. The Chinese national anthem was played on the streets of Rome, Italy, and the Italians shouted "Grazie cina! Forza italia!"

The picture shows the Chinese medicine brought by the medical team from the overseas Chinese representatives. Photo courtesy

None of these changes came for nothing. This is inseparable from China's selfless assistance to Italy, and the help of the overseas Chinese left in Italy to the Italians. The Chinese government donated a large amount of medical supplies to Italy at the most difficult time in Italy and dispatched a Chinese medical team. I think China's rescue is very timely and very encouraging. It gives us Chinese people who are staying overseas with an extra peace of mind. After this epidemic, I love the ancestral (home) country even more. We are overseas, but our heart is in the ancestor (home) country.

I am all middle-aged and my child is in college, but the elderly mother in China is still worried. After the outbreak in Italy, my old mother called every day to tell us that we must take care of ourselves and protect ourselves. These words are repeated every day. My answer has always been "I'm fine in Italy , When the epidemic is over, I will go back to see you. "