March 28, 2020 After the attempted assault of a group of citizens at the Lidl of Palermo, who tried to take food from the hypermarket without paying, the police arrived at the entrance of several shopping centers in the Sicilian capital. Especially among the larger ones, from Forum to Conca d'Oro. The hypermarkets are manned by Police, Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza.

And multiply on the net, videos and audio recordings of people who threaten violent actions of various kinds. Yesterday some customers filled the shopping carts and then tried to go out without paying. Carabinieri and state police officers had to intervene on the spot. And other such actions are threatened, creating a climate of tension, enough to induce Mayor Leoluca Orlando to appeal to citizenship.

Orlando lashes out against "organized groups, groups of jackals and professionals of hardship, who promote violent actions and who find an easy showcase in social networks". The appeal of the mayor of Palermo to report them to the authorities comes after a city supermarket saw the assault of some organized groups that claimed not to pay for food.

"While hundreds of citizens and families are registering to receive food aid interventions from the Municipality and associations - underlines Orlando - there are people and groups who already from the images and explicit references and nicknames contained in their pages show and claim their own belonging to the mafia undergrowth. I ask all citizens to report them to the police authorities, to report their accounts as promoters of violence to the administrators of social networks so that they are immediately blocked. Instead of advertising them by relaunching them, we make sure that they are silenced and that the police are taking care of it. "

For Orlando "it is about a dozen groups or a little more, who however take advantage of the sounding board offered by the telematic channels to appear many more and much more deeply rooted. Palermo is also organizing on this occasion to deal with the emergency, with great spirit of community, with the extraordinary work of its doctors and health professionals, with the commitment of public employees and companies that guarantee services, with the passion of many volunteers and civil society, with the dignified behavior of thousands of people. Once again there will be no space but the strongest repression for these professional jackals who only know how to add tension and fear to a situation that certainly does not need it ".