In this period of confinement, the temptation to have a drink may be more important than usual. And so that it remains a pleasure, in moderation, no question of being compelled to finish the bottle. Our columnist Olivier Poels gives you his advice on how to keep a started wine, whether white, red or sparkling.

Consuming a little more alcohol than usual during confinement is not necessarily serious if you drink in moderation and have no addiction problem. But there is no question of going overboard by forcing yourself to finish the opened bottles of wine. Here are some tips for storing them properly.

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No need to place a spoon in the open champagne

For white wine, it's very simple: just place it in the fridge with its cap, and it will last two days without problem. It gets a little tougher for champagne and crémant: over time, the bubbles disappear. A good way to slow down the process can be a specific cork for the conservation of sparkling wines, sold in supermarkets, and specially designed not to eject despite the pressure.

Cap dedicated or not, no more than a day of conservation for the bubbles, even in the fridge. As for the grandmother's tip of putting a spoon upside down in the bottle, know that it ... does not work at all.

"Young" red wines keep better

What about red wine? Good news, it keeps a little longer than white, thanks to the tannins, which protect from oxidation. Again, the principle is simple: we fill up, put in the fridge, and we are quiet for four or five days.

Note that the older the red wine, the faster it will tend to oxidize. It is therefore better to finish a bottle of "old" wine after opening, while the consumption of a "young" wine can be spread over several days. Surprise: it can even improve over a day or two.