• In Europe more than 300 thousand infections. In Spain almost 5000 deaths, infections in Germany are growing
  • Macron: "No to a divided Europe, France is alongside Italy"
  • Coronavirus, Di Maio: "Eurobond great opportunity for Europe"


March 28, 2020 600 thousand cases of contagion from Covid-19 worldwide have been overcome. This is what emerges from the Johns Hopkins University database that brings together data from the WHO and local authorities. So far 602,262 cases of infection have been recorded, with 27,889 deaths and 131,854 recovered. The United States is leading with 104,837 cases. Followed by Italy with 86,498 and China with 81,996. Italy is confirmed in the lead for the number of deaths with 9,134 deaths. Spain follows with 5,138 and China with 3,299.

In Spain 832 died in a single day
New record of coronavirus victims in Spain. The dead are 832 in 24 hours. The total thus rises to 5,690. The Spanish authorities report this. The Madrid Ministry of Health, cited by the PAIS, reports that 72,248 people are infected, 40,630 are hospitalized, 4,575 are in intensive care and 12,285 are recovered. And the nearly 10,000 positive health workers at Covid-19 make the battle in hospitals even more difficult, closer and closer to collapse especially in Madrid.
Next to the first line of hospitals there is that of politics that moves on the double track of the request for European solidarity on the front that sees Spain alongside Italy and France, as well as other EU countries, and internal guarantees to citizens who fear the specter of economic disaster. "This crisis will not be resolved if each country decides to act on its own" because the pandemic is "global" and "has one mpatto over all", underlined the government spokeswoman María Jesús Montero, commenting on the lack of consensus in Europe to face the crisis.

France, over 30 thousand cases. Macron, solidarity in Europe
Exceeded the 30,000 cases of Coronavirus ascertained in France in the last 24 hours: the director general of Health, Jerome Salomon, announced yesterday evening, announcing 3,809 cases in the last 24 hours. Yesterday's total is 32,964 cases. Nearly 2,000 deaths, with 299 deaths on the last day, and a total of 1,995 deaths. Salomon added that people hospitalized yesterday in France rose to 15,732 with an increase of 1,828 patients compared to the previous day. Of these, 3,787 are serious cases hospitalized in intensive care units, with an increase of 412 units compared to the previous day. The total number of healed and discharged from hospitals is 5,700.

Almost 50 thousand positives in Germany, prolonged containment measures
Almost 50 thousand are infected with Coronavirus in Germany. This is what Hopkins University reveals, according to which 49,344 are the positives, and 304 are the victims.
"There will be no easing of containment measures against the coronavirus pandemic in Germany before April 20." The chief of staff of the Berliano chancellery, Helge Braun, stated in an interview with Tagesspiegel. "Until then - he explained - all the measures will remain in force". In addition, older people will have to deal with contact restrictions for much longer than young people. Braun considers the progression of the contagion rate as a parameter for a turnaround and a decision-making basis for easing the restrictions. "If we can slow down the infection rate so that we have ten, twelve or more days to double the number of cases, then we know we are on the right track." So far, the number of cases has doubled roughly every three days. "Immediately after Easter we will be able to say what will generally happen after April 20," assured the chief of staff.

Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron calls for solidarity in the Union. In an interview granted to the three newspapers Corriere della Sera, Repubblica and Stampa, in which he underlines, in the dramatic days of the coronavirus, his harmony with the line launched by the Italian premier Giuseppe Conte at the latest European summit. "With Giuseppe Conte, Pedro Sánchez and six other heads of state and government - explains Macron - we addressed, before the Council, a letter to Charles Michel to send a clear message: we will not overcome this crisis without strong European solidarity at the level health and budget.

Over 9 thousand infected in Belgium, 350 dead
Belgium has a total of 9,134 confirmed Covid-19 contamination cases and 353 deaths. Since yesterday 1,850 new cases and 64 deaths have been recorded. They are the new data updated today by the local health authorities that specify that in the last hours 575 people have been hospitalized. In total there are 3,717 hospitalizations, of which 789 in intensive care (+99). Of the 1,850 new cases of coronavirus positive, 823 were recorded in Flanders, 875 in Wallonia and 134 in Brussels. Emmanuel André, inter-federal spokesman for the fight against coronavirus has specified - writes the Belgian news agency - that the sharp increase in the number of cases is linked to the increase in the number of tests carried out. The ability to carry out tests should be strengthened in the coming days and the number of confirmed cases should continue to increase. In total, more than 44,000 tests have been conducted since the outbreak, of which 2,948 yesterday, he concludes.