Since the start of confinement, thousands of people have left their main place of residence, especially in Île-de-France, to join a second residence, while others have not done so and are now thinking about it. Is it possible ? Response from Roland Perez, lawyer and columnist on Europe 1.

The French find time long, on this twelfth day confinement as part of the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. Some have left their main place of residence and would like to return, others would like to join the campaign with a little delay ... Despite the health measures to combat the epidemic, is it possible to change the place of containment? Lawyer Roland Perez responds on Europe 1.

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No, except "compelling reasons"

And the texts leave no room for interpretation: no, it is not possible to change its place of confinement. There are only a few very specific cases, according to counsel, which warrant a change and which will be considered "compelling reasons".

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The (only) cases which justify a change of place of containment:

  • The end of a seasonal rental
  • Protect / care for vulnerable people (parents, grandparents)
  • Caring for animals that have been left in a place
  • Caring for children of parents who are sick or whose mother is about to give birth.


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In these cases, "check the certificate and explain it in the event of a check". Verifications can then be made by the authorities.