From now on, we will look at the situation outside the country. First, the United States is serious. Corona has become the largest country in the world, with more than 100,000. Another situation is that people keep stealing medical supplies from hospitals that are lacking.

Correspondent Correspondent Kim Soo-hyung in Washington.


A state hospital was put in a large conference hall in New York to build a temporary hospital.

When the hospital was full of Corona19 patients, they built a facility to take care of ordinary patients.
Some hospitals made protective clothing from garbage bags due to lack of medical equipment, but eventually a nurse died of Corona19.

Hospitals are complaining of shortage of equipment across the United States.

[Johnny Caldun / Michigan Physician: Neither a mask nor medical clothing is sufficient. We need to get more goods from the federal government or elsewhere.]

When the incident was frequent, stealing insufficient medical supplies, a nurse appealed with tears not to take it.

[Rain Nut / Emory Hospital Nurse, Atlanta, USA: If you bring a hand sanitizer, it will continue to disappear and can no longer be placed in the patient room. Things continue to disappear.]

Yesterday (27th), the corona19 confirmed in the United States beyond China now reaches 105,000.

The death toll also exceeded 1,700.

The explosive increase in corona19 patients in the United States is due to the widespread testing of diagnostic kits.

Florida, Texas, and Maryland have mandated self-isolation for 14 days for people coming from highly infected areas, such as New York and New Jersey.

President Trump ordered automaker General Motors to create a respirator by launching a defense production law that was created during the Korean War, and said he would secure 100,000 respirators within 100 days.

The economic stimulus bill, worth 2 trillion and 200 trillion won to respond to the impact of Corona 19, was signed into force today after it was signed by President Trump.

(Video coverage: Jungsik Oh, Video editing: Yonghwa Jung)