South Korea's President Moon's approval rating rises to 55% New Corona Countermeasure Evaluation March 27 14:54

As the Korean government is aggressively taking measures such as testing for the new coronavirus, the pace of spread of infections in South Korea is declining, so President Moon Jae-in (Monzai Tora) 's approval rating is one year Recovered 55% for the first time in four months.

The South Korean opinion poll organization, Gallup Korea, released the results of a public opinion poll on 1,000 people for three days until June 26.

That said, those who "support" President Moon Jane have recovered 55% for the first time in one year and four months, up 6 points from last week. On the other hand, 39% said they would not support it, down 3 points.

56% cited the response to the new coronavirus as a reason to support Mun. While the Korean government has been conducting measures such as testing about 380,000 cases of the new coronavirus so far, nearly 1,000 new infected people have risen to nearly 1,000 people on many days, and 91 people were infected on 26th. The pace of expansion is slowing.

The survey results reflect the growing appreciation of the Mun administration's measures.If the number of infected people does not increase rapidly, the ruling party will have a tailwind for the next general election on March 15. Some observers have argued that it might be.