Dr.. Osama Abu Al-Rub

With the emergence of the new Corona virus (Covid-19) globally, with infections exceeding half a million and deaths by 24,000, it is important to identify the most important foods that help to strengthen the immune system to deal with the disease.

In this report, we provide you with advice from immunologists, but we must confirm that these advice are general, and they do not substitute for the safety recommendations and measures imposed in your country by health authorities.

Also, eating these foods does not prevent corona infection, but it only strengthens the immunity so that it becomes better able to deal with viruses - including corona - and thus overcome them if they enter the body.

As for protection from corona, it is via social separation, washing hands continuously for twenty seconds with water and soap, avoiding gatherings, avoiding touching the face or nose, and ensuring that the rules of personal hygiene are followed.

And we start with Dr. Ahmed Al-Ajaj, a specialist in internal medicine and travel medicine at Al-Ahli Hospital in Qatar, who said on his Facebook page, that eating some vitamins, herbs and food strengthens the immune system, including:

1- Vitamins “C”, “B6” (B6) and “E” (E), preferably obtained naturally from fruits, especially oranges and pomegranates, from green vegetables, from chicken meat, salmon, tuna, legumes and nuts .

2- Minerals such as zinc, copper, selenium and iron, and these can also be obtained from balanced food, especially from fruits, nuts and meat.

Zinc, for example, is found in pumpkin seeds, quinoa, brown rice or barley.

Some vegetables, herbs and spices can improve the effectiveness of the immune system (German)

3- Some vegetables, herbs and spices can improve the effectiveness of the immune system and resist infections such as: garlic, onions, ginseng, green tea, cumin, curry, cloves, peppers, and black seed (black seed).

4- Eat antioxidants, preferably from natural foods such as vegetables, fruits and fatty fish, and from antioxidants omega-3, beta-carotene, lycopene, manganese, selenium and vitamins A (A), C (C) and E (E).

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It should be noted that omega-3 fatty acids the body cannot produce by itself, which is very important for the health of the body and to protect it from viruses and bacteria, and it is preferable to supply the body daily with this type of fatty acid that is available in chia seeds, salmon or walnuts.

And the doctor also stressed that before searching for drugs, foods and herbs that strengthen the immune system, things must be done as a continuous lifestyle, namely:

1- Sleeping eight hours continuously daily.

2- Eat a healthy food that contains in particular enough protein, which is the main component of the immune system.

3- Exercise and lose weight.

4- Breathing fresh air and exposure to sunlight.

5- Drink enough fluids.

6- Stop smoking and drinking alcohol.

7- Avoid using unnecessary medications, especially those that negatively affect the immune system, such as cortisone.

8- Control chronic diseases well.

9 - Avoid all forms of psychological distress, and increase laughter, positivity, and optimism.

10- Avoid extreme cold and sudden temperature changes.

What happens to the body?
We pause here a little to learn about what happens to the body when infection with the Corona virus, as once infected, a number of changes in the body will vary in intensity from one stage to another.

And the website "his" identity "German virologist Matthew Freeman said that there are three stages that a person with coronavirus passes.

In the first stage, the virus spreads in the respiratory system of the injured person, as it affects the cephaloid cells that produce mucus, which are necessary to maintain the respiratory system and lungs. It also infects the cilia (cells) and begins to kill them, after which the viruses collect in the lungs.

The second stage - according to Matthew Freeman of the University of Maryland School of Medicine - is the body's interaction with these substances and viruses with masses of immune cells, which are supposed to kill the virus. The immune response also fights infection, and at best the containment process is complete, according to the Vitre website.

A cross-section of the Corona virus (orange particles) while attacking cilia (Deutsche Welle)

However, the danger is that the response of the immune system to the injured is exaggerated, as the excessive reaction leads to killing healthy tissues, and the immune response gets out of control.

In the third and final stage, the lung is severely damaged and filled with fluid, which leads to respiratory failure, and in the worst cases the death of a patient with coronavirus. Moreover, the uncontrolled immune response can harm other parts of the body.

Corona's time
For its part, the nutritionist in the German city of Fulda, Ursula Zimmermann, presented a set of nutritional advice in the time of Corona, stressing that a bad diet damages the body and causes human disease.

"We need a lot of zinc, vitamin C and iron in order to maintain our good immune system," Zimmermann said - in an interview with the Fulda Zeitung newspaper, adding that some foods like spinach, berries and legumes should be eaten, because of their great benefits to the body.

The German food expert has always recommended that certain certain foods be kept at home, whether during or outside crisis periods. "Beets, potatoes and carrots are very important, and I always have some oatmeal, corn or beans milk at home," she said. "By using these ingredients, you can cook nutritious and simple dishes very quickly."

She pointed out that onions and garlic are foods rich in vitamin C, stressing that eating some other foods is important, such as pumpkin, eggs and citrus fruits, adding that in general, you should eat a lot of foods rich in vitamin C, de-iron and iron, because good nutrition plays an essential role, especially in resisting Viral infection that weakens the body a lot, according to the opinion of the German nutrition expert.

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The immune system can also be strengthened by eating some beneficial foods, such as turmeric, which contains many important nutrients, including anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants.

Shiitake mushroom is also a very good fungus for the immune system, as it contains anti-inflammatory substances and has a delicious taste when prepared in broth.