`` Working closely with prefectures to work hard to prevent the spread of infection '' Chief Cabinet Secretary, March 27, 11:30

At a press conference after the Cabinet meeting, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan stated that Governor Koike of Tokyo, together with the governors of four neighboring prefectures, called for self-restraint of unnecessary and urgent outings. Recognizing that this is an extremely important time to avoid, Tokyo Metropolitan Government has taken measures to prevent the spread of infection, taking into account the response of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. "

Then, `` The establishment of a Response Headquarters based on the Special Measures Law will result in the establishment of Response Headquarters in all prefectures, and we will work closely with each prefecture more than ever to make every effort to prevent the spread of infection. I want to work on it. "

Also, regarding the effects of voluntary self-restraint, `` In Hokkaido, where the governor has requested self-restraint, even in the opinion of the Experts' Meeting, local people have changed their daily life behaviors, and businesses have taken prompt measures to prevent rapid infection. From the point of view that it had a certain effect. "