Examination of tax payment grace etc. of companies started Review of new corona infection LDP tax adjustment March 26 12:31

Regarding economic measures against the spread of the new coronavirus, the Liberal Democratic Party's tax system has begun to consider tax measures, such as tax deferrals, to assist companies in raising cash.

The Liberal Democratic Party's tax committee has met on Tuesday with executives to start discussing tax measures to help companies raise cash.

For companies whose income has decreased significantly due to the spread of the virus, defer payment of corporate tax and consumption tax, etc. and exempt from delinquent tax, and reduce or exempt property tax on buildings and facilities of small and medium enterprises. After reviewing this, we confirmed our policy to consolidate it next week.

In addition, due to the delay in delivery of housing equipment due to the spread of infection, if you have contracted by a certain date for special measures for `` mortgage loan tax reduction '' which requires occupancy by the end of the year, The policy is to apply even after the end of the year.

On the other hand, in light of the impact on the supply chain from China, plans to provide tax incentives when companies move some of their production bases to Japan and Southeast Asia, etc. We have to make a serious study.

"The companies are declining their sales and are discussing what they can do with the tax. We want to be able to come to a conclusion quickly."