Today, Thursday, in Malaysia, the king of the country entered a quarantine after the infection of 7 minors in the palace with Corona virus, making it the latest world leader to join the list of leaders around whom they suspect the virus is infected.

The supervisor of the National Palace in Malaysia Ahmed Fadel Shams Al-Din said today that King Sultan Abdullah Iyaddin Al-Mustafa Al-Billah Shah and Queen Al-Hajja Aziza Amina Maimona of Alexandria have undergone a medical examination and a diagnostic test for the virus, where the results of their analyzes are negative.

He said that the king and the queen are currently subject to quarantine in the palace, and will not accept any visit or official interview until the end of the quarantine period that started yesterday and is scheduled to last for 14 days.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the residence of the British Crown Prince, Prince Charles, announced that the Prince had been infected with the Corona virus.

"Prince Charles has been confirmed to have been infected with the Corona virus. He had minor symptoms but was in good health and had been working from home for the past several days as usual," said a spokesman for Prince Charles's residence.

Last Sunday evening, it was announced in Germany that German Chancellor Angela Merkel was suspected of being infected with a virus, and that she was subjected to a house stone even though the results of her tests were negative, yet she decided to submit to quarantine and stay at home.

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In the circles of power and palaces of governance
Over the past weeks, as the circle of infection and the number of infections with the Corona virus has expanded in several countries and regions across the world, the virus has gradually begun to approach decision-making centers, and may endanger the lives of senior leaders and officials.

US President Donald Trump underwent a test after which he was confirmed to be uninfected, after meeting a Brazilian delegation with one of its members infected with the virus.

Later, the Brazilian authorities announced that the minister who met Trump was infected with the virus, and President Jair Bolsonaro was put under health supervision to ensure that he was not infected.

Brazilian media reported today that the President's Secretary is also infected with Corona and quarantined.

US Vice President and wife Mike Pence was also tested for HIV after an employee of his office was infected.

During the past weeks, the Norwegian authorities announced that King Harald V, the queen and all members of the government were quarantined by the virus.

In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided to work from his home after it was discovered that his wife, Sophie Gregoire, had an epidemic.

In France, Minister of Culture Frank Rester was infected with the Coruna virus, and at least 10 deputies were infected, while cabinet meetings were to be moved from the hall where it was traditionally held to the largest area to ensure that seats were arranged at a distance of at least one meter.

The US Department of Defense also announced earlier that Minister Mark Esber and his deputy were quarantined after confirming that dozens of the Ministry's staff were infected with the Corona virus.

Before that, the US military announced that its commander in Europe, along with a number of employees, might have been exposed to the Corona virus at a recent conference.

Also, a few days ago, the office of the Republican Senator Rand Paul announced that he had developed a newborn corona, thus becoming the first senator to be confirmed with the virus.

And Senator Ted Cruz announced that he had isolated himself after he met someone who had been infected with the virus.

The largest casualties in Iran
In Iran, the virus infected a number of officials, and led to the death of a member of the Expediency Council, Muhammad Mir Mohammadi, at the beginning of this month.

Ali Akbar Velayati, Adviser to the Iranian Guide, Masoumeh Ebtekar, Iranian Vice President for Women Affairs, and Irij Hariri, Iranian Deputy Minister of Health, who appeared yesterday at a press conference after recovering from the disease, were also affected by the epidemic.

In Australia, Home Minister Peter Dutton was transferred to the hospital after he was confirmed to be infected with the Corona virus, while in Indonesia it was announced that the Minister of Transport Bodhi Kariya Somaday was taken to hospital after he was infected with the virus.

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Burkina Faso ministers
Although the virus targeted leaders of a number of countries and their officials often individually, the situation in Burkina Faso has differed, as it infected a number of its ministers simultaneously, and it is feared that it will paralyze its government if new infections are revealed.

French newspaper Le Monde said that Burkina Faso is the country hardest hit by the Corona epidemic (Covid-19) so far in West Africa, where the second deputy speaker of parliament died and five ministers were injured, along with talking about the injury of both the Italian and American ambassadors, which angered networks Social media because of what was considered a "lax" government in managing the epidemic.

The newspaper said in an article by Sophie Doss, its correspondent in the capital, Ouagadougou, that the matter was initially considered false news, before the stakeholders confirmed it themselves. Education Minister Stanislaw Orou announced on Facebook his injury on March 19th, saying, "After the diagnosis, I appeared positive about Of the Coronavirus, "and the next day, his regional and mineral administration counterparts announced they had infected Corona.

Foreign Affairs Minister Alpha Barry was not too late after them, saying only two days after he had officially denied the "rumor" that he had the virus, "The rumors were true, I just received a positive test for Covid-19."

On March 23 this year, it was the turn of Minister of Commerce Haruna Kaburi to announce his injury, too, to be the fifth of the ministers who were confirmed injured out of 29 members of the Burkina Faso government, according to the correspondent, noting also that the Italian and American ambassador in this country had been injured in the new Corona .