“Very important time to avoid spread” Secretary-General Suga March 26, 12:21

At a press conference on the morning of May 26, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan said that Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Koike has called for a refrain from going out of the city this weekend. Therefore, we recognize that this is an extremely important time and will work with local governments to prevent the spread of infection. "

Then, Secretary-General Kan heard of experts from the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare regarding the establishment of the “Government Task Force” based on the Special Measures Law that was enacted earlier, in light of the spread of infection, including in Tokyo. You will be judged properly while doing so. "

On the other hand, it is necessary to judge carefully whether or not to make an “Emergency Declaration” based on expert knowledge from various fields when considering that an Emergency Declaration has a significant impact on people's lives. The government believes that, at this point, it is not a situation to make such a declaration, but rather to work to gain an understanding of our efforts to prevent the spread of infection. "

“Carefully based on the right information”

In addition, the fact that stocking of foods and the like has begun at supermarkets in Tokyo has started. "Some stores in Tokyo are running out of food and other goods due to the purchase of products by many users. We would like to respond promptly and carefully to each product according to the cause of the shortage of each product. "

Then, "We want to carefully grasp the situation at hand and take necessary actions promptly in cooperation with retailers in the future. We would like to request the citizens to respond calmly based on the correct information. "

"Improving the medical system for the severely ill"

In response to the rapid increase in the number of infected people, "We are working on the development of a medical system that focuses on the medical treatment of severely ill people. We have also secured 3,000 containers, and we are working on further maintenance by budgeting for the second emergency response measure. "