The new Corona virus has claimed the lives of at least 19,246 people in the world since it first appeared in December, according to a toll compiled by Agence France-Presse according to official sources yesterday, while Spain is now the second country most affected by the disease after Italy.

More than 427 thousand and 940 cases have been diagnosed in 181 countries and regions since the outbreak began. The number of diagnosed infections only reflects a small fraction of the actual cases, after many countries became satisfied with examining those who must be admitted to hospitals.

Italy, which recorded the first death from the virus in late February, counted 6,820 deaths out of 69,176 cases. The Italian authorities consider that 8326 people have recovered from the disease.

Spain is now the second country worst hit by the disease, with 3434 deaths out of 47,610 injuries, and 5,367 people have recovered.

The most affected countries after Italy and Spain are China, with 3,281 deaths out of 8,1218 injuries, Iran reporting 2,077 deaths out of 27,017, France registering 1,100 deaths out of 22,302 injuries, and the United States with 600 deaths out of 55,225 injuries.

Cameroon and Niger announced the first deaths from the virus on their soil. For its part, Libya, Laos, Belize, the island of Grenada, Mali and the island of Dominica announced the diagnosis of the first injuries on its soil.

Europe at yesterday noon counted 226,640 injuries (12,719 deaths), Asia 99,805 injuries (3,593 deaths), the United States and Canada 51,304 injuries (624 deaths), the Middle East 32,118 injuries (2119 deaths), Latin America and the Caribbean 7,337 injuries (118 deaths) and Oceania 2,656 injuries ( Nine deaths) and Africa, 2,382 injuries (64 deaths).

The outcome was prepared on the basis of data collected by Agence France-Presse offices from the competent national authorities and the World Health Organization.

Yesterday, the National Health Committee of China stated that the Chinese mainland recorded a decrease in the number of cases of coronavirus infection, and that all of them were for travelers coming from abroad.

She added that the number of new cases decreased to 47 from 78 the previous day, bringing the total confirmed cases on the Chinese mainland to 81,218.

The number of pandemic deaths on the mainland stood at 3,281 until the end of yesterday, four more than the previous day.

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the army to carry out military exercises to counter the spread of the virus.

The number of injuries in Russia rose to 658, while the number of deaths in India rose to 11, while the injuries exceeded 560 cases.

On the Arab level, the Omani Ministry of Health announced the registration of 15 new cases of the virus, while the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced the recovery of four patients, bringing the number of similar patients to recovery to 43, and recording four new cases.

Lebanon recorded 29 new infections, while the Tunisian Ministry of Health announced the death of a fourth person infected with the virus, while the Libyan National Center for Disease Control confirmed the first case of infection with the Corona virus in Libya.

In Tehran, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said yesterday that Tehran intends to impose a travel ban on the Persian New Year holiday and traditional gatherings in parks, with the number of deaths due to the new Corona virus in Iran rising to 2077, and the number of people with the disease exceeds 27 thousand.

In Israel, the fifth death from the virus and a total of 2030 infections was recorded, and the government decided to restrict movement from 8 pm yesterday, and prevent residents from leaving their homes except to provide food and medicine.

New Zealand Prime Minister, Gassinda Ardern, has declared a national emergency as the country prepares for a full shutdown in the middle of the night to combat the outbreak of the virus.

The New York City municipality said that the number of infected cases reached 14,776 cases with Corona virus in the city, and the number of new deaths was 131 people.

US President Donald Trump said that the restrictions imposed by the spread of the Coronavirus, which have caused the closure of businesses in many places in the country, could lead to suicide or other deaths.

The number of people covered by domestic isolation measures around the world to combat the Corona virus exceeds 2.6 billion when the closures imposed in India enter into force.

A news report revealed that talks had begun between political parties in Turkey, in order to release tens of thousands of prisoners, due to fears of the spread of the virus.

- Russian President Vladimir Putin instructs the military to carry out military exercises to counter the spread of the virus.

- Tehran intends to impose a travel ban on the Persian New Year holiday, and for traditional gatherings in parks.


New infection in Lebanon, while the Tunisian Ministry of Health announced the death of a fourth person infected with the virus.