Peru Approximately 230 Japanese nationals could not leave Japan "If we could return home as soon as possible" March 24 5:41

Peru in South America has been suspended from international flights due to the spread of the new coronavirus, and Japanese tourists were unable to leave Japan. I hope I can return home. "

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Peru has suspended international flights as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, which has prevented approximately 230 Japanese tour and individual travelers from leaving the country, Is that they are stranded.

Among them, a Japanese woman in her 50s staying at a hotel in Cusco city, a tourist destination, joined the tour, arrived in the capital Lima on the 13th, and visited the archeological site Machu Picchu etc. of the Inca empire on the 20th She was expected to return home, but was halted by the suspension of international flights after the declaration of emergency on March 15.

Going out of the hotel is restricted and you can see police and soldiers patrolling through the hotel windows.

He also said that he was currently unable to get out of his room due to suspected infection among tour guests, saying, `` Eat meals with room service and encourage each other using email and telephone in the room. And exchange information. "

In Cusco, altitude is about 3400m and the air is thin, so the woman said, "I have symptoms of altitude sickness and I have a severe headache, I can not sleep because I am anxious about the future. I can't expect it and I'm worried about my health. "

Also, the Japanese embassy in Peru is currently trying to arrange a flight to return home, but on the 19th it was notified by e-mail that the flight could not be arranged.

A woman said, "Some of the tour guests are in their 80s, and these lives cannot last long. I want the government to work with Peru to return home as soon as possible."