"Wash your hands and put on a mask" with a song in a dance. Southeast Asia March 24 7:18

With the spread of the new coronavirus, Southeast Asian countries are calling for basic measures such as washing hands and wearing masks through songs and dances.

In Southeast Asia, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus has surged this month, and governments around the world have become increasingly vigilant.

Under these circumstances, in Thailand, videos of railway company employees dancing in uniforms along with their own songs calling for measures to prevent infection have been released on the Internet, which has become a hot topic.

In the video, a dance with images of countermeasures such as gestures of rubbing hands is shown along with lyrics such as `` take a distance from people '' and `` wash your hands and put on a mask '' against the background of the station platform and train Is.

Earlier this month, employees actually performed the dance at a station in central Bangkok, calling out countermeasures by distributing masks and disinfecting gels to users.

Trains are widely used as a means of commuting and commuting in Bangkok as in Japan, but crowded trains are one of the risks of infection spread, and railway companies want to spread measures to users in an easy-to-understand manner. is.

On the other hand, in Vietnam, the Ministry of Health has produced a video with lyrics that call for thorough hand washing, along with cute animations of songs from popular singers in Japan.

Because of its light rhythm and easy-to-remember lyrics, it is widely accepted by a wide range of generations as being easy for even young children to understand.

A man who said that his eight-year-old daughter was careful to wash his hands after watching the video said, "I think it's a smart way to easily teach children how to deal with it."

Thai Ministry of Health "Humor helps overcome difficult times"

A spokeswoman for the Thai Ministry of Health said, "A humorous way can get people's attention and make it easier to get a message. Humor can also help you get through difficult times. I hope we can spread our efforts around the world and help each other. "