President Moon Jae-in urged some churches to refrain from worship and instructed the government to take strong action in relation to the weekend's indoor worship service.

In the form of a message to the government, President Moon said, “Thanks for the cooperation of many churches, but there are still a few churches that will open worship services.” Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon and Governor Lee Jae-myeong are taking action on religious meeting Actively support them. "

In addition, he said, "The central government should not only commit to the local government, but also to actively support the local government's actions."

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon said, "I have created a guideline for preventing collective infection for the church." If there is a danger or there is a danger, administrative orders such as closing will also be imminent. We have issued an administrative order to limit the worship of 'Dense Rally'.

President Moon told the government this message, saying yesterday that the number of new confirmers has fallen below 100 again, and I hope to continue to decline over the weekend.

President Moon emphasized, “It would have been a pity for the people to see the number of new confirmed patients increase again due to the mass infection of a church in Seongnam and a medical institution in Daegu.”

(Photo = Yonhap News)