(Fighting new crown pneumonia) Indonesia diagnoses new crown pneumonia in 369 cases

China News Agency, Jakarta, March 20 (Reporter Lin Yongchuan) The Indonesian government spokesman for the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Yurianto, reported on the afternoon of the 20th that the country had 60 new cases of new crown pneumonia confirmed that day, and a total of 369 confirmed cases. Among them, 32 died and 17 were cured.

According to Yurianto, the capital Jakarta Special District has the largest number of confirmed cases and deaths, with 215 and 18 cases, respectively.

The Governor of Jakarta Special Administrative Region Anis announced on the same day that Jakarta has entered a state of emergency for 14 days from that day and will decide whether to extend it in the future depending on the development of the epidemic. During the state of emergency, all companies and enterprises will cease to work centrally, employees may be on vacation or work from home; all entertainment venues in Jakarta will be closed.

Anis urged citizens to avoid going out as much as possible, saying that during the state of emergency, relevant departments of the Jakarta government will work closely with the army and police to fight the epidemic.

Anis said that 1.1 million workers affected by the state of emergency will be subsidized to guarantee their lives. He also said that there would be an adequate food supply during the emergency.

Earlier, the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that it will suspend visa exemption, visa on arrival, and short-stay visas for all countries from 0:00 on the 20th local time. At the same time, it will implement a temporary travel ban prohibiting travel to Iran, Italy, and the Vatican in the past 14 days. , Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. (Finish)