“Sanctions should have been lifted before this crisis caused by the coronavirus. However, now that the borders are closed, this topic is even more relevant, ”he stressed.

According to him, the coronavirus epidemic will negatively affect the economy of Germany and the entire European Union, therefore, it is necessary to establish trade relations with neighboring states and restore trade with Russia.

“It is necessary to restore trade with Russia, this will benefit the entire economic system and will be timely,” said a member of the Bundestag committee.

Gerdt also confirmed that he intends to appeal to the Bundestag with this initiative during the next meeting of the committee.

At the same time, the official representative of the Left faction in the Bundestag on foreign policy issues, Alexander Noah, noted the relevance of this issue.

“The government should focus on resolving pressing issues. Sanctions against Russia are definitely not useful, especially now, ”he said.

In February, the French President’s special envoy for security cooperation with Russia, Pierre Wimon, spoke about the damage to Europe from anti-Russian sanctions.

French leader Emmanuel Macron, in turn, noted that anti-Russian sanctions did not bring either Europe or Russia anything positive.