A gendarme checks the papers of a driver on June 1, 2014 at Pellerin, near Nantes - Jean-Sebastien Evrard AFP

He reported to the gendarmes that he was "astonished to see them at the side of the roads, in this period of sanitary disorder" ... A 22-year-old motorist was arrested, Sunday evening near Nantes on the RN 165, after committing a great speeding. According to the gendarmes, the driver, driving his Mercedes, was driving at 202 km / h on this road limited to 110.

It was the speed of 191 km / h which was finally retained by the motorized peleton of Saint-Herblain. His German sedan was immobilized and his driver's license was immediately withdrawn. The gendarmerie indicates that this young man, "faces severe administrative and judicial sanctions". He risks the loss of 6 points and a fine of 1,500 euros.


Maine-et-Loire: Closed prison for a recidivist without a controlled license at 205 km / h

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