Northern Macedonia Serbia Election Postponed New Corona Expansion March 18 6:52

Congressional general elections were scheduled to take place on April 12 in northern Macedonia, in southeastern Europe, but with the spread of the new coronavirus, political party representatives will hold elections on the 17th. I decided to postpone it.

Northern Macedonia is seeking accession to the EU, but last year opposition to launching accession negotiations with Northern Macedonia led by the administration at the time being held accountable and parliament forced to dissolve. As a result, attention has been paid to the general election that will take place.

There are currently 26 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in Northern Macedonia.

Meanwhile, the spread of the new coronavirus in Serbia in southeastern Europe has postponed the parliamentary elections scheduled for next month.

In the Balkan region of southeastern Europe, two cases of infection have been confirmed for the first time in Montenegro, where no cases have been confirmed before, and the spread of the new coronavirus is also spreading in this region.