• Earthquake, shock in Cosentino with a magnitude of 4.4. No injuries or serious damages
  • Earthquake shock in the Gulf of Salerno, no damage


March 17, 2020 Six earthquakes were recorded during the night by the Ingv seismographs in Calabria on the Tyrrhenian coast. The first of magnitude 2.5 was reported at 1:47 at a depth of 26 kilometers with an epicenter located at sea between the municipalities of Serra d'Aiello, Amantea, San Pietro in Amantea, Belmonte Calabro, Cleto and those of Nocera in Catanzaro Terinese, Falerna and San Mango d'Aquino.

The second of magnitude 3.5 at 1:52 at a depth of 33 kilometers occurred a few hundred meters away as well as the third of magnitude 2.5 felt at 1:54. The fourth quake of magnitude 3.4 occurred at 1:55, the fifth quake of magnitude 2.3 at 1:58 respectively at 9 and 10 kilometers deep, 13 kilometers from the coast between the Municipalities of Amantea, Serra d'Aiello, Belmonte Calabro, San Pietro in Amantea and Nocera Terinese.

The seismic swarm ended with the last earthquake of magnitude 3.5 at 2:02 with an epicenter about 2 kilometers away from previous shocks. Telluric movements have also been perceived distinctly in the populous urban area of ​​Cosenza. Firefighters do not report damage to property or people.

[DATA #RIVISTS] # earthquake ML 3.5 hours 02:02 IT of 17-03-2020, north western coast of Calabria (Cosenza) Prof = 9Km # INGV_24110181 https://t.co/uAiFyvPJKm

- INGVterremoti (@INGVterremoti) March 17, 2020