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15 March 2020In coordination with the Farnesina Crisis Unit, Alitalia is preparing a series of special flights to allow thousands of compatriots to return to Italy, and will also continue to operate towards some countries that have imposed restrictive measures on Italian citizens and passengers. who have stayed in Europe.

The company has announced that it will start from Sunday 15 March, from Rome Fiumicino, with a special flight to the Maldives which, to comply with the ban on entry into the country for the Italians, will make a prior technical stop in Cairo to change the crew .

Pilots and flight attendants have already left for Egypt who, taking service from Cairo, will be able to guarantee, in compliance with the aeronautical regulations on the limits of use, a return flight to Male without getting off the plane.

The plane will arrive in the Maldives at 13.15 local, without passengers; the return to Fiumicino is scheduled for midnight on March 17th.

New York and London, also for students
The airline will continue to operate from Rome Fiumicino two flights a day to New York and London to allow Italian and foreign citizens, including many students, to return to their respective places of residence and will continue to guarantee, where there are no restrictions. air traffic, connections with Brussels, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Marseille, Nice, Cairo and Algiers,

Long haul flights
Flights to Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg, New Delhi, Tokyo and - until March 17 - Miami and Buenos Aires are operational.

Changes from March 16th
In Italy, air services will continue with at least one daily return flight to and from most of the airports that remained operational following the Decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

From March 16, after the temporary closure of the Milan Linate airport, the activities will be moved to Terminal 2 of Malpensa airport for connections with Bari, Cagliari, Catania, Lamezia Terme, Naples, Palermo and Rome Fiumicino.

From 17 March, moreover, all check-in operations for the company's domestic, international and intercontinental flights departing from Rome Fiumicino will be carried out at Terminal 3, following the closure of Terminal 1.