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Enes Taylan, a 10-year-old Turkish boy, took risks to save a puppy that fell from an oil well in Diyarbakir, a big city in southeastern Turkey, reports the Huffington Post . The video of his gesture was widely shared on social networks.

Dramatic footage captures the moment a 10-year-old boy rescued a puppy that got stuck in an oil well in Turkey.

- ABC News (@ABC) March 13, 2020

In this video, we see that the boy has his head first in an oil well in order to catch the little dog, almost entirely immersed in oil. "We were around and we heard a noise," said Enes Taylan to Reuters, whose comments are reported by online media. He managed to grab the puppy by the neck. The two were immediately reassembled by the rescuers.

Successful operation

"We looked through a hole and saw the little dog," said Enes Taylan. Once the emergency services were notified, they tried to move a large concrete slab covering the well. This action made it possible to note the presence of the animal, but not to be able to extract it.

When the rescue team arrived, they decided to grab the boy by the ankles and lift him above the well so that he could reach the animal. Smeared with petroleum, he then had the right… to a good bath. In the last images, the puppy even looks in great shape.


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