Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, wife of the Prime Minister of Canada, has had flu symptoms since returning from a trip to London. Justin Trudeau, who has no symptoms, will not be tested for Covid-19 at this time but will remain in solitary confinement for 14 days, his office said.

Canadian Prime Minister Sophie Grégoire Trudeau tested positive for the new coronavirus on Thursday and will be quarantined "for an indefinite period", while the head of government will remain in solitary confinement for two weeks. "The Prime Minister is in good health and has no symptoms. However, as a precaution and according to the advice of doctors, he will be in solitary confinement for an expected period of 14 days," announced the office of Justin Trudeau, in specifying that the Prime Minister's wife felt "good" and that her symptoms remained "moderate".

Flu symptoms

Justin Trudeau, 48, will not be tested "at this stage" and "will continue to assume his full responsibilities," said his office, adding that the Prime Minister would speak to Canadians on Friday. His services had announced in the morning that the head of government had decided to work from home while his wife "gets tested for the Covid-19". Sophie Grégoire Trudeau had had flu-like symptoms since returning from a trip to London.

Justin Trudeau called his Italian and British counterparts, Giuseppe Conte and Boris Johnson, as well as US President Donald Trump during the day, his cabinet said. On Friday, he will speak by telephone with the Premiers of the Canadian provinces to take stock of the fight against the epidemic, which has gained momentum in Canada in recent days. This meeting, initially scheduled in the presence of interested parties in Ottawa, was canceled in extremis due to coronavirus.