Original Title: (A Closer Look at China) Xi Jinping Visits Wuhan to Examine the Triple Signal

China News Agency, Beijing, March 10 (Liang Xiaohui, Huang Yuqin) At a critical moment in the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state chairman and chairman of the Central Military Commission, went to Wuhan, Hubei Province to inspect the epidemic prevention and control. From this inspection, it is observed that three signals can be interpreted.

First, the situation of local epidemic prevention and control is positive. As the main medical center for the centralized treatment of critically ill patients, Vulcan Mountain Hospital is the "first line in the first line" of the epidemic prevention and control, and it has become the first stop of Xi Jinping's fieldwork.

"After hard work, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Hubei and Wuhan has changed positively, and important results have been achieved in phases," Xi Jinping said during the inspection. Observations suggest that this once again sends a positive signal to the outside world about China's epidemic prevention and control.

Dai Yanjun, a professor at the Central Party School (National School of Administration), said that China ’s supreme leader and “chief commander” of the epidemic prevention and control went to the forefront of the epidemic prevention and control center, showing that the current situation of prevention and control has achieved staged victory. And important results.

According to the data reported by the National Health and Medical Commission on the 10th, the previous day, there were 19 new confirmed cases across China, including 17 new cases in Hubei and 2 new cases outside Hubei, all of which were imported overseas.

Chang Jian, a professor at the School of Government and Management of Nankai University, believes that the choice of the leader's first visit often shows the focus. The admission model of Vulcan Mountain Hospital shows that China's approach is effective. "The construction of Vulcan Mountain Hospital in less than two weeks has demonstrated the effectiveness of the Chinese system."

The second is to clarify that the focus of the next step is not to relax. Xi Jinping pointed out during the inspection that the epidemic prevention and control task is still arduous and arduous, and the more we must keep our heads clear at this time. "No paralysis, no war fatigue, no slackening."

"Half-nine-thousand-mile travellers," Dai Yanjun said, after more than a month of hard work, he was very tired in all aspects, and was also prone to slackness or fluke. However, due to the uncertainty of the epidemic situation, a series of new problems may arise once relaxation is achieved, such as the sudden introduction of imported cases some time ago, which were not expected before. "So we must remain vigilant and strictly manage to prevent all possible dangers."

During his inspection, Xi Jinping emphasized that to win the fight against epidemic prevention and control, the emphasis was on "prevention." Observations suggest that community prevention and control is very important.

During the inspection, Xi Jinping went to the Donghu New Town community in particular to observe the situation of community health and epidemic prevention, community service, and people's living security. He emphasized that there are two positions in the fight against the epidemic, one is the hospital rescue and wounding position, and the other is the community prevention and control position. It is the community that relentlessly does a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

Chang Jian believes that Xi Jinping regards community prevention and control as a "position" and shows a clear realistic orientation. On the one hand, community prevention and control are prone to a large number of problems, such as insufficient supply of materials and negative emotions. On the other hand, it is easily overlooked because it is not as front-line as a medical facility.

"Xi Jinping's special inspection of the community is conducive to further strengthening the importance of community prevention and control and solving practical problems. It also shows that the central government's needs and thinking of the people are empathetic." Chang Jian said.

During his inspection, Xi Jinping also emphasized that people in places with severe epidemics, such as Hubei and Wuhan, have segregated themselves for such a long time, and some emotions have been released. We must understand, tolerate, and tolerate and continue to increase our efforts in all aspects. "The people's livelihood is stable, the human heart is stable, and the society is stable."

The third is to emphasize conditional resumption of work and production. After the on-site inspection, Xi Jinping also presided over a meeting to listen to the report on prevention and control work and make further deployment of the next step.

He pointed out that on the premise of strengthening prevention and control, it is necessary to adopt a differentiated strategy and timely start zoning, classification, time sharing, and conditional resumption of production.

Earlier, many places in China have pressed the "acceleration key" to resume production and resume production. This time Xi Jinping's Wuhan inspection focused on the deployment of resumption work in Hubei and Wuhan. Chen Fengying, former director of the Institute of World Economics, China Institute of Modern International Relations, pointed out that with the improvement of the local epidemic prevention and control situation, the central government has clearly proposed a separate category, with conditions to resume work and resume production.

On the day of Xi Jinping's inspection, Qianjiang City lifted the "capped city" and became the first area in Hubei Province to announce the full restoration of production and living order.

"Resuming work and resuming production by zoning, classification, and time-sharing is particularly necessary and timely for Hubei," said Chen Fengying. As a major agricultural province, the progress of resuming work has greatly affected agricultural products such as early rice, fruits and vegetables.

Observations also suggest that the resumption of work and production in Hubei and Wuhan is also an injection of confidence in the world where the epidemic is spreading.

"Because of the epidemic, the world economy is filled with some pessimism, but Wuhan and Hubei, which are so difficult in China, have come over. Why can't the world come out? It's just a matter of time." Chen Fengying said. (Finish)