Liberal Democratic Affairs Council approves retirement bill, including prosecutors March 14:38 on March 10

The bill for raising the retirement age, such as the prosecutor's plan, which the government plans to submit to the Diet, was reviewed again by the Liberal Democratic Party's governing body and approved.

The government will soon submit a bill to the parliament to raise the retirement age to 65 as the prosecutor retires gradually in line with the gradual retirement of national public officials. , The acknowledgment was postponed.

For this reason, the General Affairs Council conducted another review on the 10th, and one of the delegates attended said, `` While the retirement extension and bill of the Tokyo High Prosecutor's Office are different, they will be taken up by the Diet in relation to each other. '' Concerns were raised, but the bill was approved.

At a news conference, Chairman Suzuki said, "It's not a schedule, but we have to consult with you if we can accept it at the appropriate time. As a result, we can unanimously decide and understand it." Was.