Coronavirus: Xi Jinping's first visit to Wuhan since the start of the epidemic

Chinese President Xi Jinping chats with residents of Beijing on February 10, 2020. Xinhua via REUTERS

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The coronavirus epidemic seems to be contained in the country, where the number of new cases of infected people is decreasing day by day. For the first time, the Chinese president paid a surprise visit to Wuhan on Tuesday morning, March 10, where the epidemic started. A trip to show that the fight against the coronavirus is won in China.


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From our correspondent in Shanghai,

This is very clearly Xi Jinping's message. The Chinese president could have gone to Wuhan much earlier, at the height of the crisis . But no, the Beijing master wants to bring good news.

According to the official press, Xi Jinping flew to Wuhan. He visited hospitals, he will also meet nursing staff, as well as members of neighborhood committees who are local relays of the Communist Party. He congratulated everyone on the front line.

The "best" way to manage the epidemic

This visit sends two strong messages. The first is for the Chinese population: the epidemic is under control , life can and must resume in the country . It is a reassuring visit.

The other message is more for the rest of the world, and it is clear: the drastic containment measures taken by the authorities ended up paying off. As the epidemic takes hold in Europe and spreads rapidly, Xi Jinping wants to prove to Western democracies that his way of governing is the most effective in the fight against the coronavirus.

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