by Fabrizio Patti 10 March 2020 After yesterday's thump, European stock exchanges are attempting a rebound. The Milan Ftse Mib currently marks + 2.60%, in line with the performance of the indices of the London, Frankfurt and Paris stock exchanges. Yesterday the drop of more than 11 percentage points, the worst of the last decade if we exclude the thud after the result of the referendum on Brexit, in 2016.

Oil sectors (+ 3.72%), banking (+ 3.38%), industrials (+ 1.60%), utilities (+ 0.97%) rebound among sectors. There were also rebounds in Asia during the night, from the Hong Kong stock exchange (+ 1.43%) to the Sydney one (+ 3.11%). Small rise for oil, after the 24% drop yesterday.

Today the North Sea Brent rises 6% to $ 36.50 a barrel. The race for the spread stops. It fell by 2 points compared to yesterday, at 222. Yesterday the differential between the BTP and the German Bund had widened by 44 points.