Saudi Arabia New corona measures to restrict access to sacred sites March 9 6:19

As the outbreak of the new coronavirus spreads, measures have begun in Saudi Arabia in the Middle East to limit access to Islamic sacred sites and to some areas.

The Saudi government announced last week an unusual measure to suspend pilgrimage to places such as the Mecca of Islam, to contain infections in the country, and usually set up fences around the many visited Kaaba. We are starting to restrict access.

In Saudi Arabia, the number of infected people, especially those returning from Iran, is increasing, and the Ministry of Home Affairs announced on August 8 measures to ban people from entering and leaving Katif Province in the east, where the cases were confirmed.

Katif Province is a region where a large number of Shiite minorities live, and there is concern that government agencies and businesses will in principle suspend their operations, which will affect the lives of citizens.

On the other hand, a sharp fall in oil prices due to the global economic stagnation caused the stock exchange in the capital Riyadh to fall completely on the 8th.

Among them, the shares of the state-owned oil company Saudi Aramco, which is also the world's largest listed company, have fallen by more than 9%, setting a record low for the first time below the listing price at the time of listing.

There is growing concern that continued low oil prices could have a serious impact on Saudi's largest economy, the region's largest.