Some states are taking drastic measures to try to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Like China a few weeks ago, Italy will confine several regions. In Venice, faced with the uncertainty caused by this next shutdown, residents do not hesitate to lift their sails, tells Europe 1 a French woman present on the spot.

China, South Korea, then Italy: France's European neighbor is the third country most affected in the world by the coronavirus epidemic, which is spreading around the globe and which has infected more than 100,000 people . The transalpine government took emergency measures during the night of Saturday to Sunday, in an attempt to stem the proliferation of Covid-19 after 6,000 cases and 233 deaths. After having decided to close all schools and universities, several regions will be quarantined for a few weeks. The performance halls, museums and theaters will all be closed until early April.

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A toll-free number for information

Teresa, who lives in Paris, is staying in Venice, one of the cities affected by these drastic measures. At the microphone of Europe 1, she tells of the uncertainty that reigns in the region of the City of the Doges. "It's a shock," she begins. "Panic-stricken, people are doing their best", and some do not hesitate to lift their sails. "I know at least three people who are driving with their children to try to get home," said Teresa, who herself was to return to France on Monday. "They try to leave before what they imagine to be blocked roads, so that creates uncertainty," she concluded.

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The site "", which lists the advice given by the government to French people who would like to go abroad, did not report a new update Sunday morning following the announcement by Guissepe Conte. It was nevertheless recommended "to follow the evolution of the health situation and the instructions of the local authorities (in particular on the site of the ministry of health, in Italian), to inform oneself to the toll free number 1500 and to consult the French Embassy website, before considering a trip to the rest of the country. "