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06 March 2020 Increasingly stringent measures to limit the Coronavirus epidemic. In the Vatican, the Governorate's Health and Hygiene Department asks to "suspend meetings and social events involving health personnel or personnel in charge of carrying out essential public services or utilities". Meanwhile, the Lombardy region is considering whether to "mitigate the red areas". Lawyers on a war footing. From today I am on strike: "The judges deny us the right to abstain."

Quarantined ship in port in Naples, 125 on board
A suspected case of coronavirus reported late in Tunisia has triggered the contagion alarm also in the port of Naples. The Gnv Majestic ship, in fact, which was for repairs in the basin of the workshops of the Nuova Meccanica Navale, is in quarantine. On board there are 125 people, including crew and workers who had begun the repair operations. Of these, 9 are in isolation in the cabin. These are maritime personnel who on 27 February were aboard the Gnv Rhapsody, the ship from which a 40-year-old Tunisian citizen landed in Tunis, who tested positive for the virus and was hospitalized at the Farhat Hached university hospital in Sousse .

Piemonte. Positive 80-year-old couple at the Molinette hospital
A couple of octogenarians, hospitalized for some days in the general medicine ward directed by Dr. Luca Scaglione delle Molinette of Turin, tested positive for Coronavirus. They had arrived at the hospital for what appeared to be flu, not declaring that their son, who works in the 'red zone' of Lodi, had come to visit them in those days. This is learned from regional health sources. The hospital management has put in place the necessary measures. All procedures were activated, including the analysis of the patient's path from their arrival in the hospital. The woman has already been transferred to the Amedeo di Savoia hospital, as per the regional procedure, while the more critical patient is hospitalized in resuscitation. According to what is learned, there is no risk for the other patients, who have been moved to other wards of the hospital in precautionary terms. Epidemiological analyzes are already underway to secure operators and visitors, who have had contact with the two patients.

Arezzo. Positive teacher, 112 children in home isolation
A teacher from their school tested positive for the Covid-19 coronavirus: for this reason, 112 pupils were placed in solitary confinement in Arezzo. The news of the positivity to the buffer of the teacher, a 51-year-old woman, whose conditions are considered stable and is in home isolation, has been circulating since yesterday morning. The parents of the children of the school in which the 51-year-old teaches had already been warned by the principal, who in turn was informed of the outcome of the swab by the ASL Toscana southeast. In the late afternoon of yesterday, then, the confirmation came from the Tuscany Region, and the mayor of Arezzo, Alessandro Ghinelli, announced the quarantine provision for the pupils.

Two positive cases, Pomezia's emergency room closes
"As a precautionary measure, acceptance to the Emergency Room of the Sant'Anna Nursing Home in Pomezia has been suspended to allow the management of two positive cases to # Covid19, one of which is being evaluated for sending under home surveillance". The Department of Health and Social and Health Integration of the Lazio Region communicates this through the dedicated page 'Lazio Health'. The Department, continues the post, "in continuous contact with the ASL Roma 6. New updates will be given. Citizens can take advantage of the Emergency Department of the new hospital of the Castles and the assembled hospitals of Anzio and Nettuno".

Gallera: "Saturday we will evaluate whether to continue or mitigate the Lombard red areas"
"On Saturday we will evaluate whether to continue or mitigate the Lombard red areas that have already been closed for many days". This was stated by the councilor for Welfare of Lombardy, Giulio Gallera, at 'Agorà' on Rai3, regarding the red zone near Codogno, in the Lodi area, for the coronavirus epidemic.

"Extending for another week would be a very strong and excessive measure for that territory. We will understand whether to continue it, mitigate it or we will move on to a different phase". Regarding the opening of a new red zone in the towns of Alazano and Nembro, in the Bergamo area, Gallera underlined: "We are awaiting the assessments of the Higher Institute of Health and of the technical committee. From their investigations there would be an orientation in this sense We, in light of the growing numbers, share the reflections that the Higher Institute of Health is developing. We await decisions from the government ".

The commissioner then - speaking to 'UnoMattina' - explained "from next Monday (March 9) the outpatient activities already scheduled are suspended, as are the postponed surgical operations". The decision - he explains - was made "to increase the availability of ICU beds". Gallera finally announces that 315 nurses will be hired in Lombardy in the next ten days.

Video room on Facebook: "Foreign friends, Milan welcomes you back"
"Milan has many friends abroad" and "we can't wait to welcome you back to our city". In a video message, spread on Facebook, the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala speaks in English, addressing international interlocutors. "In these days of great challenges, I am receiving messages of encouragement and support from all over the world. Milan has many friends abroad, thank you", says Sala, highlighting that the city feels part of "a bigger world" and the the importance of "helping each other and feeling connected to each other". However, he points out, "some media report the situation in northern Italy in a way that does not correspond to reality".

In the Vatican the first positive case, a new tightening on events
The Vatican spokesman confirms the first case of coronavirus in a patient. And he announces: outpatient services have been sanitized, which for the moment are suspended. Meanwhile, new and more stringent provisions are coming to the Vatican to contain the Covid-19 infection. Among the new provisions, the Adnkronos learns, the Governance's Health and Hygiene Directorate asks to "suspend meetings and social events in which health personnel or personnel in charge of carrying out essential public or public utility services are involved".

In the Vatican, as also happens in Italy, "extraordinary sanitization interventions on common use means of transport" will therefore be adopted; "all training activities" suspended. He then asked to "limit travel and travel if not strictly necessary; it is forbidden for patients' accompanying persons to remain in the waiting rooms of the Vatican City State Medical Guard service, unless specifically indicated by the health personnel in charge".

Striking lawyers from today: "Judges deny us rights"
The 15-day lawyers' strike proclaimed by the forensic congressional body to protest against the inadequacy of the measures taken to reduce the risk of contagion by Coronavirus in the judicial offices begins today. But "there are several situations in which this or that judge denies the legitimacy of the right to abstention, for lack of nothing less than serious events detrimental to the safety and security of workers". And in all these cases, the Forensic Congress Body, assures in a note, "is ready to protect the rights of lawyers both before the Commission of Guarantee for the exercise of the right to strike, and in all other venues".