A new and unusual room was ready to be rented on the famous «Arnab» site about two weeks ago. It is a shipping container converted into a hotel room and placed in a beautiful tourist site in Scotland. The 10-foot "steel box" contains a wood-burning stove and a wooden sofa that can be converted into a bed. The room rate of £ 200 per night includes five liters of water, toilet paper, some tea and coffee, a set of canned and dried foods, as well as cleaning supplies. Tenants must bring a sleeping bag with them.

The container "fitted on request" has a beautiful lake view, and it is rented by Carrick Castle real estate office, however some social media users described the container room as expensive and not attractive.

"I hope these containers won't start to appear everywhere," commented one of them, Nick Barrish. "A decent room can be found in a good hotel, all over Scotland, to spend time and have a cooked breakfast." "Basically, it is like a prison cell in a beautiful area for an exaggerated amount, so the idea will fail even before it is launched, and this sums up the pure greed on the part of the real estate office," commented Maggie Christopher.

"It is disgusting, on a large scale, that they put this disgusting thing at this place and then they try to make such large sums," Nikola Ricci wrote, adding, "I hope there aren't many people willing to book in this container." Says Carrick Castle "It is a" customized container "and a unique space" to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views of Lake Locam located in the picturesque Loc Le Monde National Park. "

- A customized container, a unique space to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views of Lake Locam.