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About two weeks after confirming the first cases of the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Iran, the country recorded the largest number of infections and deaths among its officials among the endemic countries.

The following are the most prominent names that have been infected or died as a result of the virus outbreak in Iran so far:

Erige Harerji
A day after appearing tired in his press conference with Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabei, Iranian Deputy Minister of Health Iraj Harerji, Secretary of the National Committee to Combat Corona, published a video in which he confirmed that he was infected with the virus, to be the first official in the Islamic Republic to be quarantined, while he promised That he and the Iranian people will defeat the new Corona virus.

Impeccable innovation
Masoumeh Ibtarem, the Iranian vice president for women's affairs, demanded, before confirming her HIV status, that the new epidemic should not be politicized. Ibtikar, who served as the head of the Environmental Protection Organization in Iran for more than 12 years, played a prominent role in the case of the detention of American diplomats in 1979. The Iranian vice president is currently being quarantined at her home in the capital, Tehran.

Sadiqi, the first Iranian parliamentarian to be declared infected with the Corona virus (Iranian press)

Khusraw Shahi
Leading Iranian cleric Hadi Khusraw Shahi died from infection with the Corona virus in Qom, from which the disease spread to almost all Iranian provinces. In addition to teaching him in practical possession, Khosrow Shahi assumed the chairmanship of the Iranian Interests Section in Cairo (2001-2004) and led his country's diplomatic mission to the Vatican.

Mir Mohammadi
Four days after the death of his mother (sister of the religious authority, Ayatollah Moussa Shbiri Zanjani) due to being infected with the Corona virus, the former deputy from the city of Qom, a member of the Iranian Expediency Council Muhammad Mir Mohammadi, died on the morning of his 71st birthday with the same disease.

It is well known that Mir Mohammadi was one of the most close associates of the Iranian guide, Ali Khamenei, and former president Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, and he took over their offices during many years.

Some reports also spoke of the religious authority, Shabiri Zanjani, being quarantined after the death of his office official Mojtaba Fadhli as a result of infection with the virus.

Mustafa Pour Mohammadi
Advisor to the head of the judiciary, former Iranian Minister of Justice Mustafa Pour Mohammadi, has left the Masih Danchori hospital for treating the Corona epidemic in the capital, Tehran. While his son, Ali, described his health as stable.

Port Mohammadi took the interior portfolio in the first government of former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who dismissed him after three years. This politician also occupies the presidency of the Conservative Clerical Association in Iran.

Iranian medical teams survey the heat of citizens at the entrances of cities (Iranian press)

Port Khan Ali
The director of the Agricultural Jihad Organization in the city of Rudbar (north of the country) Reza Poor Khan Ali died four days after receiving treatment due to HIV infection.

Muhammad Reza Qadiri
Qom University of Medical Sciences President Mohammad Reza Qadiri announced the first injuries and deaths in his city, and warned against spreading it to other governorates, calling for the city to be placed under a quarantine, which has not received listening ears yet. Qadeeri was placed under medical quarantine by the medical authorities in Iran, but there is no information yet on his health.

Muhammad Ramdani Dastik
Four days after the announcement of his victory in the recent legislative elections for the city of Astana Ashrafieh in the province of Kailan (north of the country), the conservative deputy, Mohamed Ramadanani Dastik, died of infection with the virus during his propaganda campaigns.

Mahmoud Sadiqi
Senior MP Mahmoud Sadiqi, the first parliamentarian who declared he was infected with the Coruna virus in a tweet on Twitter, and from within the quarantine, the head of the judiciary, Ibrahim Raisi, demanded that prisoners of security and political issues be given leave to pass this epidemic alongside their families.

Street sterilization in Iran (Iranian press)

Mojtaba Dhul Nur
Mojtaba Dhul-Nur, head of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Iranian parliament, released a video clip that he declared infected with the virus and was being quarantined. Also, Deputy Masumah Akabur Aliishahi confirmed that she was infected with the epidemic and was under quarantine.

Five deputies
For his part, the spokesman for the Iranian parliament’s presidency, Asadullah Abbasi, announced that five deputies were infected with the new Corona virus out of a hundred MPs who underwent medical tests, but he refused to reveal their names, according to the principle of confidentiality of the results of medical tests. On the other hand, there are some rumors that twenty representatives have contracted the virus so far.

And the Iranian legislature suspended its sessions until further notice, after a letter sent by Iranian Health Minister Saeed Namki to Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani, in which he made a recommendation to suspend the parliament.

In addition to the above figures, there are many scientific, sports, social and religious figures in Iran that have been affected by the epidemic, the last of which was conservative politician Farid al-Din Haddad Adel, the son of Ghulam Ali Haddad Adel, a member of the Expediency Council, an adviser to the Iranian regime’s advisor, and a number of other municipal officials and medical personnel.
The death toll from the emerging coronavirus in Iran as of Tuesday noon has risen to 77 and infections to 2336.