President Xi visits Japan in favorable conditions and good atmosphere, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of China, March 2, 19:29

Situation for Japan visit of Xi Jinping Jintao of China, spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, "want to advance the preparation so that the visit is performed in favorable conditions and a good atmosphere", visit the rise is merely sufficient results Has shown that it should be done within.

For Japan visit of Xi Jinping Jintao, although the two governments during the day has been preparing in the next month of the schedule, in which infection of the new coronavirus is show the spread in Japan and China, carefully adjusted, including the postponement underway It is expected to be.

Under such circumstances, Chinese Foreign Affairs spokesman Zhao Riken pointed out at a press conference yesterday that President Xi's visit to Japan was "significantly significant." We want to make sure that the visits take place in favorable conditions and in a good atmosphere. "

Regarding President Xi's visit to Japan, Prime Minister Abe states that "China's visit to Japan is once every 10 years and needs to be successful." The Chinese side has shown that visits should be conducted in a situation where results are satisfactory.

Mr. Zhao said that China-Japan relations have maintained good relations, and said, "China, together with Japan, wants to build bilateral relations suitable for a new era."