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Experts: It is recommended that patients with severe and critical neo-coronary pneumonia receive respiratory rehabilitation after discharge.


(Combating New Coronary Pneumonia) Experts: It is recommended that patients with severe and critical New Coronary Pneumonia receive respiratory rehabilitation after discharge.

China News Agency, Beijing, February 29 (Li Jingze) Xie Yuxiao, director of the rehabilitation department of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, said in Beijing on the 29th that it is recommended that patients with severe and critically new coronary pneumonia be discharged from the hospital and receive respiratory rehabilitation treatment at a designated rehabilitation medical institution.

The joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council of China held a press conference in Beijing on the same day to introduce the situation of new crown pneumonia treatment and patient rehabilitation.

Xie Yuxiao introduced that respiratory rehabilitation treatment can only be carried out after the standardized assessment of pulmonary function or systemic function rehabilitation, and it emphasizes personalized programs. Its main content includes cardiopulmonary function training, aerobic function training and strength training, and daily functional training, as well as some psychological treatment methods.

Xie Yuxiao said that for new coronary pneumonia, respiratory rehabilitation may be beneficial to reduce the symptoms of pneumonia, improve the endurance of cardiopulmonary activity, and improve physical and mental health, as well as the ability of patients to gradually recover and participate in social activities. Studies have shown that in the stable stage of the acute phase of the disease, the earlier the rehabilitation intervention, the better.

"We consider that New Coronary Pneumonia is a Class A infectious disease, and the confirmed patients are treated in designated hospitals. Therefore, inpatients with severe and critical illness are mainly treated for life-saving diseases, and for mild and ordinary patients. Patients are in a stable stage, the earlier we intervene in rehabilitation, the better it will be, "said Xie Yuxiao.

Xie Yuxiao said that various regions have carried out exploration of respiratory rehabilitation of patients with new coronary pneumonia to different degrees based on the original respiratory rehabilitation work, and some regions have designated special rehabilitation medical institutions to undertake the work. Rehabilitation after discharge requires a brief assessment of pneumonia-related symptoms, cardiopulmonary endurance, physical fitness, and daily activities before discharge. After the evaluation, it is recommended that patients with severe and critically ill patients be admitted to designated rehabilitation medical institutions for respiratory rehabilitation. For mild and ordinary patients, most patients have no pulmonary sequelae. They can conduct medical observations in the community or at home, and gradually perform some physical exercises to improve their physical and mental health. (Finish)

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