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Coronavirus, government launches emergency decree. Probable extension of school closure in the North


"With this decree - Gualtieri had anticipated - we complete the suspension of all the taxes, obligations, bills of the 11 municipalities affected by the virus, the so-called red zone, we strengthen the redundancy and income support tools for both employees and self-employed workers" of the areas involved. In the school-saving rule

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February 29, 2020 The government has passed the urgent decree to support the economy in the areas affected by the coronavirus, where shops and businesses slowly reopen and cultural activities resume, but in at least three regions - Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna - there is an extension of a week of school closure. A decision by Palazzo Chigi on this is awaited today.

Demicheli: soon to reopen schools
"The data tells us that today every patient with coronavirus transmits the disease to two others. And where there are many contagions, the epidemiological curve grows exponentially: blocking at that point is no longer useful. It is necessary to intervene first. science and politics must listen to it. " In an interview with Corriere della Sera Vittorio Demicheli, the epidemiologist of the Lombardy Region Crisis Unit, pronounces himself in favor of an extension of the closure of the schools and suggests a limitation of sociability because, he explains, "the virus does not clinically give problems, or in any case it is easily solved, in 90% of patients. But in over 10%, especially if elderly, it involves serious problems that require hospitalization in Intensive Care ". This is why it is essential to act first, according to the doctor, that is, to prevent, and therefore "only the probabilistic reduction of contacts can lead to a slowdown in the spread of the virus," says Demicheli

The decree in support of the economy
'' The Council of Ministers approved the urgent decree in support of the economy in the areas affected by the Coronavirus. We immediately put in place the measures to protect citizens' health and the World Health Organization recognized its effectiveness. While in other European countries the epidemic is now starting to face, we have already introduced the rules in favor of the productive world. The territories concerned can now restart and with them also Italy ''. The secretary of state for the Prime Minister, Riccardo Fraccaro, announced it on Facebook after the CDM.

'' The principle of maximum precaution - he adds - allowed us to act in a timely manner and stem the phenomenon as much as possible. Now we are giving concrete economic help to families, workers and businesses in the territories concerned. We have first of all foreseen the suspension of payments and utilities, therefore for the citizens involved the payment of insurance bills and installments is interrupted. For SMEs, we introduce free and priority access to the Guarantee Fund, which is refinanced, in order to help companies relaunch economic activity. We have also decided to strengthen the resources destined to support the export companies ".

"Rules have also been approved to support workers, especially regarding layoffs and subsidies for those unable to carry out their professional activity - continues Fraccaro - We have also envisaged specific measures for the tourism sector, for justice and for the public administration ".

"The government is working very seriously with the aim of protecting the community and helping the productive world and citizens. Health and relaunching the economy are our priorities to get back to normal as soon as possible. The next step is a new measure dedicated to the development of the economy that allows the country to grow again.Others speak and think about palace controversies, we - he concludes - work for the good of the country ''.

After stop bills also payments in installments
In particular, it is learned that the payments of the bills, suspended until April 30 with the new Coronavirus decree approved by the Council of Ministers, may also be divided into installments. The rules contained in the draft of the decree already provide for this possibility - by requesting Arera to establish the modalities - which could be extended, according to what is reported, also to the balance of the non-payment of social security and welfare contributions and the premiums of the motor liability insurance.

Dadone: in the decree protections for sick employees
"Full protection in favor of civil servants who cannot go to work due to the risk of contagion or who live in the 'red areas', and more impetus to agile work". These are the measures for state bodies contained in the decree to deal with the Coronavirus emergency approved by the Council of Ministers. "We have made a commitment and in tonight's decree - reports PA Minister Fabiana Dadone - we have included two important rules in favor of administrations and workers who are dealing with coronavirus".

The 'school year-saving' rule is also in decree
Students attending schools closed due to Coronavirus will not miss the school year, even if the closures continue. According to what is learned in the decree on Coronavirus approved by the Council of Ministers, a provision of the Ministry of Education has been inserted which derogates from the limit of 200 minimum days for the validity of the school year.

Towards division of contagion areas in 3 colors
With the new decree, expected for today, a division into three colors of the contagion areas should also arrive, grading the level of contagion and the measures to be implemented in different cases. According to what the Ansa learns from ministerial sources, the measure was anticipated during the CDM which approved the new decree law with the first economic measures. The government should meet again tomorrow, at the Civil Protection headquarters in Rome, to define the dpcm and launch it.

Conte: Italy and the economy don't stop
"Italy does not stop, we turn our gaze to tomorrow, more and more determined to make the economy run. This applies to all of Italy. We must multiply our energies. Together we will make it." This was written by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Fb by publishing the images of a video link that took place yesterday afternoon with some mayors and families from the Lodi area.

Borrelli's point to civil protection
At 5pm yesterday, 821 coronavirus positive cases, 46 recovered and 21 deceased. The updated data were provided by Angelo Borrelli, head of Civil Protection and extraordinary commissioner for the emergency, at a press conference. "But half of those infected have no symptoms," warns Borrelli. Among the 821 patients, Borrelli clarified, 412 are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms, and are in home isolation. 345 are hospitalized, 64 in intensive care. "Among the four deceased today are three over eighty and one over 77 and they have not died from Coronavirus, or rather it is a consequence," said Borrelli.

Source: rainews

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