Ukrainian President is working with his dog to consider raising a charter for the return of his natives to Wuhan.

On Monday, foreign media including the British BBC introduced the story of a dog and a Ukrainian model, Anastasia Ginchenko, who remained in Wuhan.
Following the recent proliferation of Corona19, the Ukrainian government mobilized charters to withdraw its citizens from Wuhan, China. However, when told that he could not go with his dog, Zinchenko decided to stay in Wuhan.

Since then, Zinchenko's story became a hot topic online, and it was handed to the Ukrainian president.

On hearing, the Ukrainian president, Volodymir Zelensky, called Zinchenko directly. "I wanted to call you directly because it's very important to me," Zelenski said.

According to the BBC, the Ukrainian government is considering a special charter for Jinchenko and his dog. 'News Pick'.

(Photo = BBC Homepage Capture)