The situation is also urgent at the summit talks near Turkey and Russia February 29 6:46

Turkey and Russia, the backing of the Assad administration, have agreed to hold a summit shortly after the civil war continues in Syria, with the ongoing military clashes between the Assad administration and its neighbor, Turkey, in support of the rebels. The situation is nervous if we can avoid full combat.

In Syria, 33 soldiers were killed in the northwestern Idlib province by the Assad regime in bombing Turkish troops in support of the rebels, and Turkish troops launched a retaliatory attack, leaving the full force of regular troops. Concerns about the battle are growing.

In response, Turkey's President Erdogan agreed on a telephone call with Russia's President Putin, the backing of the Assad administration, on the 28th, urgently agreeing to hold a summit.

According to the Russian Presidential Office, it is preparing to hold a summit in Moscow on the 5th or 6th of next month.

However, the Turkish side is preparing to continue retaliation attacks on the Assad administration, and the Assad administration also strongly blamed Turkey for `` supporting terrorists '' in a statement from the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday, and both sides have not broken down their confrontation. Hmm.

Approximately 950,000 people have been displaced in the northwestern part of Syria, and there is concern that increased combat could further deepen the humanitarian crisis.

The situation is tense as to whether Turkey and Russia could agree to a breakout and other measures at a summit between Russia and Russia to avoid a full-scale battle.

Telephone talk with US President Erdogan

In a tense situation in Syria, U.S. President Trump met with Turkish President Erdogan on the 28th.

According to the White House, in which Trump blamed Assad's side for condolences on the death of 33 Turkish troops in support of the rebels in an attack by Assad's side. . President Trump has also reiterated that he has reassured Turkey to calm down the situation and avoid a humanitarian crisis in northwestern Syria. The Trump administration is increasingly wary that a full clashes between Syria and Turkey will lead Russia and Iran to gain more influence in Syria.

French Minister of Foreign Affairs communicates with Turkey

Over the tense situation in Syria, French Foreign Minister Ludrian met with Turkish Minister for Foreign Affairs Cavusall on Wednesday, declaring in a later statement that he had "informed him of his intention to unite with Turkey."

He strongly condemned Syria's Assad regime, which bombed Turkish troops, and Russia's backing, calling for a swift cessation of military attacks. He called for efforts to achieve negotiations with Turkey for a political solution.